Currently when it concerns knives, everyone has their favorites, as well as in this situation, an enthusiastic blade collection agency does too. Although they might possess different kinds of knives each for a different purpose. One of the preferred knives of a collection agency is frequently a Japanese Damascus Knife. And when owning and also looking after such a knife it is necessary to take care and also preserve the blade.

If you are one of those individuals who absolutely love and also adore their Damascus Cook’s Knife, well you are in for a wonderful shock. In this post, we not only tell you why you must invest in a Japanese Damascus Knife. (for those who are yet to make it their preferred). However also offer you ideas and techniques to keep it look just as good as brand-new with correct treatment.


To address this simple yet crucial question, one requires to reveal you all the reasons that you ought to buy a Damascus knife. And that’s precisely what I am mosting likely to do below:


Among the primary reasons individuals are drawn into investing in a Japanese Damascus knife is due to its eye-catching layout. You can not aid however quit to stare at the beautiful wavy patterned blade. You simply can not help including it to your Knife collection.


Japanese Damascus knives are rather of an antique item even when you buy them all new. This is because the strategy that entails the mix of 2 or even more selections of steel to create a stronger alloy go back to centuries. Although contemporary techniques have changed the traditional, this layered building method is still a timeless in the blades industry.


Owing to the unique technology, the ended up tool is a multi-purpose one. It establishes together with the alloys that would function best together therefore raising its intensity and cutting capability. Making it best for objectives such as hunting, angling as well as naturally cooking.


Not just are they incredibly sharp but the intensity has a tendency to persist for a long period of time. It’s much better than most production quality blades as well as despite the fact that there’s no warranty that there’s no need to sharpen the blade ever before. You will most definitely need to sharpen it a great deal less usually than various other knives. Which makes it a wonderful financial investment.

Not Just An Outdoor Knife

As well as most notably, the Japanese Damascus steel blades aren’t simply suggested for hunters as well as anglers. These attractive pieces are an excellent present to be added to people’s collection of kitchen area knives. They provide optimum efficiency and also remain sharp in the long-term. Splurging on these will certainly add an attractive aspect to your cooking area.

Steel Properties Of A Good Japanese Damascus Knife

There are three qualities that are especially vital for the steel that’s to be made use of in kitchen blades:

  • Tensile- Strength
  • Rust-Resistance
  • Side Retention

Currently, it’s hard to have all the 3 residential or commercial properties together in one sort of steel as a knife. High side retention will be hard to develop and also a blade with a high tensile stamina will certainly not hold a side for long. Hence, there’s a whole lot to ask from a kitchen knife as it is used as a cooking tool. It needs to have the ability to cut things paper thin and make cuts with accuracy. It ought to likewise have the ability to withstand acidity and chain reaction when entering contact with tomatoes and also citrus fruits. Ultimately, It needs to additionally be able to cut frozen meat.


(1) Avoid putting your Japanese Damascus cooking knives into the dishwashing machine. Clean them by hand making use of a soft sponge and also warm soapy water as well as dry them well with a dishcloth.

( 2) Always ensure to use a wood, plastic or bamboo board for cutting on. Making use of boards made from rock, glass or marble may lead to bluntness or breaking of the knife.

( 3) To stop the knife from blunting, hone when required making use of a ceramic rod pulling the blade of the blade slowly across the rod in addition to light stress.

( 4) DO NOT make use of the reducing edge of Japanese Damascus knife to transfer the sliced vegetables from the board, rather make use of contrary edge of the knife.

(5) The blades ought to be saved in a completely dry space. Keeping them in natural leather sheaths for long periods will certainly create the blades to rust due to natural leather’s absorptive nature.

( 6) The blade needs to be coated with vaseline or a light oil such as olive oil which will avoid the staining of the blade even if you are storing it for a long time.

( 7) In case you plan to store them in a leather sheath, make certain to wrap the blade in a plastic wrap before placing.

( 8) If the blade has rusted, you can clean it with the help of wet/dry sandpaper or steel wool that functions as a cutting representative.

( 9) Take care to brighten it every couple of months to ensure that dust and also dirt does not accumulate on the blade.

( 10) Fueling oil the Japanese Damascus knife will certainly offer it an abundant appeal that will preserve its lovely pattern.


If you have not currently Invested in an excellent, hand-made Japanese Damascus knife, consider adding among these wonderful blades to your collection. Remember to utilize it to your ideal, and don’t neglect to maintain the blade to increase the life time of your knife.


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