Best Knives and cutting boards For Home kitchen

f you’re looking for a cutting board that looks as good as it functions, the Burke cutting board is an ideal option. Boasting both aesthetic beauty and remarkable performance, this cutting board is perfect for any kitchen. Crafted from premium solid hardwood sourced from sustainable North American Trees with long-lasting durability in mind, this environmentally friendly masterpiece features naturally antibacterial properties to ensure your meals are cooked safely and without fear of contamination. It also has unique curved handles cut into either end; making it easy to transport wherever you need it in your kitchen space. Not only does Burke offer superior quality and gorgeous design elements – its lifetime warranty guarantees that regardless of whether you use it daily or once in a while – your investment will last the test of time!

What is david burke cutting board?

David Burke Cutting Board is a cutting board that has been designed by renowned chef David Burke. This cutting board is made of maple hardwood and features an integrated juice groove for catching liquids. It also has a built-in ruler on one side, so you can accurately measure your cuts. The board has handles on both sides for easy lifting and carrying. It’s perfect for both home cooks and professional chefs alike, as it provides a great cutting surface that will help ensure precise results in the kitchen. Additionally, this cutting board comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer–so you can trust that it will last for years to come!

Why should I use david burke cutting board in my kitchen?

David Burke cutting boards are some of the most versatile tools in any kitchen. They are designed to provide a safe, durable cutting surface that will stand up to even heavy-duty slicing and chopping jobs. The board’s surface is made from strong, hard maple wood and has been treated with mineral oil for additional protection against warping or cracking. This ensures that your board won’t become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs over time. Plus, its smooth finish makes it easy to wipe clean after use. Unlike plastic cutting boards which can easily be scratched by knives, David Burke cutting boards remain reliable and functional for many years when properly cared for. Additionally, the generous size of these boards make them great for larger food preparations like meats and vegetables. The handles make it easy to move and maneuver the board without any risk of slipping. With their elegant design and long-lasting durability, these boards are an excellent addition to any kitchen.

What are some creative ways I can use my David Burke cutting board to make cooking easier and more enjoyable?

  1. Use your David Burke cutting board to easily chop vegetables and fruits. The large size and grooves help to keep food in place while you dice, mince, or slice.
  2. Create a makeshift bar top by laying the board over an unused surface when entertaining guests. Place a pitcher of drinks and some glasses on the board and it’s ready for use as a bar cart!
  3. Take advantage of the smooth, flat surface of the cutting board to roll out dough for pies, cookies, and other pastries with ease.
  4. Prepare multiple ingredients at once by using one side for chopping onions, another for slicing peppers and mushrooms, etc., so that all ingredients are prepped in one place.
  5. Place the cutting board over a rimmed baking sheet and use it as an easy-to-clean surface to prepare ingredients for larger dishes like casseroles, lasagnas, or pot pies.
  6. Use the cutting board as a serving tray for sliced cheese, charcuterie boards, small appetizers and more.
  7. Store your board upright in a corner of your kitchen to add visual interest while taking up less space than other kitchen tools or appliances.

8 .After you’ve finished chopping vegetables, flip the board over and use it as a sturdy base for kneading dough or pounding out cutlets with a meat mallet.

  1. Use the grooves around the edges to hold a bowl of marinade or condiments while you’re cooking.
  2. Enjoy the convenience of having two cutting boards in one when you flip it over and use the reverse side as a second board for preparing different ingredients. This also helps keep flavors from mixing and cross-contaminating!

What are the different benefits of using a david burke cutting board over other brands or types of boards?

  1. Durability: David Burke cutting boards are made with durable and high-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The solid construction ensures that your board won’t warp or crack over time.
  2. Design: Not only is the board itself built to last, but it also comes in a variety of designs that make food prep easier and more efficient. From its unique angled edge to its convenient handle, you’ll find your david burke cutting board is both beautiful and functional.
  3. Safety: David Burke cutting boards are designed with safety in mind, helping reduce the risk of cross contamination between foods when prepping different dishes at once on the same board. Each board also has a non-slip grip, so it won’t slip or slide when you’re slicing and dicing.
  4. Versatility: With a david burke cutting board, you can easily switch between different types of prep surfaces. The reversible sides allow for both wet and dry cutting, and the multiple sizes offer plenty of space for even the largest ingredient prep jobs.
  5. Cleaning: Clean-up is a breeze with the grooves that catch liquid runoff to prevent a mess and make cleanup easier than ever before. The boards are also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra time scrubbing them down after use.
  6. Quality: When it comes to quality craftsmanship, david burke has set the standard for excellence in construction and design. Every board is made by hand, ensuring that each one is unique and a perfect addition to any kitchen.
  7. Affordability: Despite the high-quality materials and construction, david burke cutting boards are surprisingly affordable when compared to other brands. With competitive pricing, you can get the quality you want without breaking the bank.


Can I use multiple types of knives on a david burke cutting board and will they still stay sharp?

Yes, you can use multiple types of knives on a David Burke cutting board. Depending on the type of knife and its sharpness, there is potential for it to remain sharp after use. Generally speaking, wooden cutting boards are great at preserving the sharpness of knives because they are softer than other surfaces like marble or stone. However, if your knife is already dull or close to becoming dull then it may not make much difference where you cut. In order to ensure that you maximize the life of your knife’s blade, be sure to maintain its proper care by regularly honing and sharpening it with a whetstone or an electric knife sharpener. Also make sure to always store your knives in a safe place away from other kitchen tools so that they don’t become dulled. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your knives sharp for a long time on any cutting board, including a David Burke cutting board.

Are there any additional accessories that come with a david burke cutting board, such as knife guards or storage bags?

Yes, many David Burke cutting boards come with additional accessories such as knife guards and storage bags. Knife guards protect your blades from becoming dull while they are stored in the drawer, ensuring that they remain sharp and ready to use when you need them. Storage bags help keep the board clean when not in use and also aid in easy transportation when moving it between locations. Additionally, some of these products may include a juice groove, allowing for easier cleanup after meal preparation. Finally, all David Burke cutting boards are crafted from sustainable materials so you can feel confident knowing that your purchase is contributing to a healthier planet.

How do I properly care for my David Burke cutting board to ensure it lasts a long time and looks good?

Caring for your David Burke cutting board is easy. The key to keeping it in top condition is regular cleaning, oiling, and storing.

First, after each use, make sure the board is washed with hot soapy water. Use a soft sponge or cloth to scrub off any food debris that may have stuck on the surface of the board. To be extra thorough, you can also use a brush to get into crevices that may not be easily accessible with a sponge or cloth.

Next, you’ll want to oil the board periodically using mineral oil or other food-grade oils like coconut oil or almond oil. Rubbing some of these oils lightly onto the surface helps keep moisture out and prevent the board from drying out, cracking, and splitting. Be sure to allow your oiled board to dry completely before storing it away.

Finally, store your board in a cool and dry place away from direct heat or sunlight. Verify that the area is free from moisture before putting the board away to prevent mold growth. Never leave it soaking in water, as this can lead to warping and long-term damage. With regular cleaning, oiling, and storing, you will be sure to keep your David Burke cutting board looking great for years to come!


With an innovative and creative design, Burke’s cutting board is the perfect material for any kitchen project. The combination of hardboard, traditional end grain construction and a unique patterned surface provides top quality performance and ease of maintenance. Its lightweight and comfortable handle makes it easy to work with, while its smooth and non-stick surface prevents slipping when used on wet surfaces. Burke’s cutting board comes in a variety of sizes and features different customization options so you can easily find something to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for superior craftsmanship or just need quality kitchenware, this cutting board is the perfect choice for any home chef. So go ahead and treat yourself to a Burke cutting board today; you won’t regret it!